What is WaterDrop? It is a folding watering can (I do not think you find many in the market …) that besides being a shower, it serves to collect the cold water that we waste every day when we go to shower.

Then you can reuse it to water your plants or your garden, water your pet, use it to clean your house or better still use it in the toilet and save you a 6 L cistern!

We have 2 sizes of WaterDrop. The largest is for adults and can store 3.5 L of water. The kids size is smaller and it stores about 2.3 L of water.You can combine both models in the store, or buy the one you like!


The water that is wasted

while we wait

to come out hot water.


An object that collects the cold water from shower and then reuse it: watering the plants, giving your pet a drink, cleaning, a flush for the toilet … A bag that is a folding watering can! Which does not take up space when you do not use it, which hangs anywhere and is very comfortable to use.

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