The Water Book: ecology for children

Libro de papel


The book of water and the adventures of CHIP and CHAP.

Two droplets of water fall asleep a pleasant afternoon in the Mediterranean... 

Imagine from there everything that can happen to finish, who knows, watering a beautiful flower in your house. Trips, adventures, plants, rivers, nature, knowledge, life, friends, humans...

A book written by children and drawn, painted, illustrated by those same children, under the supervision of the teacher Francesc Vicent Nogales, 3rd best teacher of primary school in Spain 2018-Educa Abanca awards.

Chip and Chap talk about the water cycle, the importance it has for our lives and how we can take care of it... Experiments, riddles, advice and teachings for school and of course for life.

A simple, precious gift that gives us life. WATER.

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