Paper Book: how to make recycled paper

Libro de papel



Haz tu papel.

Have you ever made new paper from old paper?

Giving a second chance at things is a good idea - it's called REUSE or REciclage. It helps us above all to put in value so many important things that we enjoy every day and of which sometimes we are not aware.

Imagine breaking something into 1000 pieces and making it REbuild again, it seems impossible, right? But it's ... 

... Simple, it's fun, it's fast. Only with your hands and with The Paper Book, will you be able to give a new life to your old role. If you also do it with your children or with your parents, it can be an afternoon "Cool".

Then he paints, draws, or writes a story that talks about ecology, nature, REcicling, life ... 

The Paper Book can be a great Gift for a birthday with children. It is a Gitft that serves to bring back to life the role you no longer want. 

It is a Gift to learn, to share, to get your hands wet, to play with your parents and your children, with friends, to value as many things as we have and of course it is a Gift to use, use and reuse.

The Paper Book is delivered in a cardboard envelope and with instructions. Reuse the envelope many more times and get the instructions in your head. When you get tired of the envelope and you already know by heart how to use The Paper Book you already know what you should do with them J.

The paper book appeals to children and grandparents and we are sure that you ... too.

If you are interested in more units for a birthday, for a school or for a different party, send us an email to or call us at 656161785.



Click here for instructions

Download the instructions on how to make your own eco-logical paper with our recycled paper book.

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