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Waterdrop Pack Folding Shower water saving and ecopoop 30 units

Take care of the water in your house and collect the excrement of your pet with Ecopoop, of course.

One bag saves water for your house and 30 Ecopoops to collect your dog's poop.

Waterdrop is a bag to save water in the shower.

It is a folding shower that collects cold water from the shower, which we let run foolishly !, until it comes out hot.

Every day we waste many liters of water while we wait for it to come out hot. Avoid this with WaterDrop, a flexible and folding shower that allows you to collect that water, which is lost foolishly. Then you can use it to water the plants, give your pet a drink, clean the soil, scrub the paltos or throw it in the water and thus save a discharge of the 6-liter tank !!!

Do anything you can think of with that water, but do not let it get lost.

Waterdrop occupies little space while you do not use it. And you can also fold it and save where you want, even in your pocket.

It comes in a recycled cardboard envelope like this one. We send it to you open so you can add a personal note or whatever you want.

Waterdrop is a bag to save water in the shower.

Waterdrop is delivered in blue with the drawing of the cactus and an individual envelope with instructions for use.

Technical characteristics.

It is made of TPU, a technical material resistant to friction, traction and tear, high elasticity, flexible and long lasting. Supports the effects of the microbial fauna, does not contain plasticizers or halogens or toxic additives in its manufacture and does not migrate toxic substances in contact with water, what makes it sustainable and not harmful to the environment. 

It is a product designed and manufactured in Spain.

In 2016, we were lucky enough to be able to finance our project on the Crowfunding Kickstarter platform.

Here you can see our presentation of the project:


Are you tired to give away ties of rare animals or expensive perfumes to surprise someone? Change your gifts to change the world… Waterdrop is very likely to love them.


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