City councils talks

Ecology has a lot to do with common sense "It has to do with logic". That's why we like to call ourECO LOGIC CAMPAIGNS for Companies and City Councils.

It occurred to us that if our products liked people, companies and town halls could also like them. Also, instead of selling our products one by one, we would sell them 100 to 100!!! :-)

Here we share photos of cool campaigns we have done.

We seek, together with our own products, simple elements that impact, that provoke reflections and talks. To solve a problem, the first thing is that everyone is aware that it exists, that it is spoken of. In the streets, in the shops, in the houses ... If someone expects to do a campaign with us and the poop disappears the next day, we will tell you the truth: that does not happen. In communication there are no miracles, well actually, miracles do not exist. But you can take very firm steps in the right direction.

We do campaigns logical echo . It occurred to us that Ecopoop could be a good way to make people aware of picking up the poop of their dogs. And the pee? Have you seen how the streetlights of many cities are ? How does it sometimes smell on some streets ? 

We have cleanup campaigns, we make recycled paper in your town. We inform in your containers

And the fifth container ? We have something that you will love. Call us We echo, logic and love the campaigns.